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The prediction signal generator 12 generates the optimum prediction sign in accordance with info representing the optimum prediction perform, and the function and construction of the generator are the identical as those of the prediction signal generator 5 within the predictive coding system. The generated prediction sign is equipped through line 212 to the adder 13 and added to the prediction error sign provided via line 211-1, so that a video sign is reproduced.

The number of parallel strains for line 215 is determined by the variety of picture elements included in a block the form of the block, the range of motion compensation and time allowed to determine the optimum prediction operate, as in the case of line 106a within the predictive coding apparatus. The reproduced video sign supplied from the interpolator sixteen by way of line 213a is still block-formed and cannot be displayed accurately on a generally used monitor and display units. Therefore, the reproduced picture sign is remodeled by the scan inverter circuit 14 back to the video sign in original time collection, then the decoded video signal is distributed out on line 214.

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7 and eight are block diagrams showing in detail the optimum prediction detector 8 of FIG. 7, the output signal from the delay circuit 6 supplied by way of the road 106b to the arithmetic unit 8-1 is briefly saved in a prediction signal generator memory 8-11a inside the arithmetic unit 8-1. The block-formation enter signal is provided via line 101b to a serial to parallel converter 8-6, and here 4 picture elements in a block, e.g. One of 4 parallel picture factor outputs look at more info is provided via line 108-6a to a subtractor 8-12a, proven in FIG. The position of a picture component processed by the arithmetic unit 8-1 will be known as hereinafter picture component point D1 as proven in FIG. 3A. Similarly, different arithmetic items 8-2 via 8-4 are used for computing image factor points D2 through D4, and 4 arithmetic models in complete are used in parallel for concurrent computations for one block.

It signifies that all of N-times computations are not at all times necessary for figuring out the optimum prediction perform. When the optimum prediction perform is determined in actual time processing for a block together with 32 image elements, for example, it must be carried out inside 32 image element durations. Line reminiscence pair 1-1 and 1-2 and another line reminiscence pair 1-3 and 1-4 are stored and skim out alternately, in order that the video sign which is rendered scan conversion i.e. this contact form transformed into two-dimensional blocks, is output in a string of image components. One of two outputs from a line memory pair in studying operation is selectively output via the multiplexor 1-5. The block-formation video signal on a line one hundred and one from the multiplexor 1-5 branches to the strains 101a and 101b, then is equipped to the delay circuit 2a and optimum prediction detector 8, respectively.

In a basic tv system, the display is scanned from left to proper in the order of, for example, a11, a12 , a13 and a14, and parts a21, a22, a23 and a24 are included on the succeeding scanning line. 5, a signal for scanning line S1 including image parts a11 to a14 is stored in a line memory 1-1 and a sign for scanning line S2 together with a21 to a24 is stored in a line reminiscence 1-2 sequentially. Subsequently, when scanning lines S3 and S4, a31 to a34 and a41 to a44 are stored in line memories 1-3 and 1-4, respectively, line memories 1-1 and 1-2 are read out in the order of blocks, that's, a11, a12, a21, a22, a13, a14, a23, a24, and so forth. Since reading of scanning lines S1 and S2 in such converted form takes the identical time as that for studying the scanning lines without scan conversion, S1 and S2 may have been learn when the S4 line sign has simply been stored within the line reminiscence 1-4. Then, the road reminiscences 1-3 and 1-4 are read out within the above-mentioned converted kind, whereas succeeding signals for scanning traces S5 and S6 are stored within the line recollections 1-1 and 1-2 sequentially. Information signifying the optimum prediction function decided as described above is supplied, on the identical time, to the code compressor 7 via line 108b.

While outputting the optimum prediction sign, it is needed for the two-dimensional memory 5-1 to supplement the prediction signal generator memory with a local decoding sign supplied by way of line 106a, to find a way to generate the optimum prediction sign for the following block. The method of complement is similar as that for the prediction sign generator memory 8-11a within the foregoing arithmetic unit. Accordingly, the prediction sign generator 5 is barely expanded for the function of the learn control why not look here circuit as compared with the arithmetic unit 8-1. In addition, in processing the above-mentioned two-dimensional blocks, it is advantageous that the video signal which has been transformed for scanning upfront is used. In this case, image components in a two-dimensional block across a quantity of scanning traces are rearranged, and film parts in each block are remodeled in order that image elements in a single block continue to those in the subsequent block and all picture parts in a two-dimensional block are aligned serially. Accordingly, presence of scanning strains need not be of concern when finishing up prediction coding for picture parts in a two-dimensional block, and a two-dimensional block may be treated identically to a one-dimensional block produced from M image components on a single scanning line. As can be seen from the above, when scan conversion is carried out upfront, predictive coding by use of two-dimensional blocks could be no more than predictive coding by use of one-dimensional blocks.